Annual travel insurance

Annual travel cards

With annual travel cards, your only worry is when and where to go. The rest is up to us.


A full-year travel insurance covers everything that could happen abroad - and you can buy it from 1000 CZK.

Surely you want to leave home knowing your whole family is taken care of (2 adults and 4 children up to 18 year of age)? We can offer you such insurance from 1 300 CZK.

Additional information about this form of travel insurance can be found below in Annual travel cards overview.


For life? Yes, debts instead of experiences

Hospital admission or injury during a car accident - they can increase the trip costs several times. And when you cause injury to someone else, your savings will not be enough.


Why get insured?


  • On repeated trips abroad - up to 45 days for one trip or for long stays abroad (may take a whole year)

  • If you are on a family trip, we recommend a FAMILY card

  • With an annual travel card, you are insured constantly regardless of whether you interrupt your journey or return home for a while.

  • The annual travel card costs you much less than traditional travel insurance.

  • As part of the annual travel card, you have insured all sports and cancellation fees

The price includes 


  • Doctor's treatment, hospital admission, medicine prescribed by the doctor.

  • Acute toothache - up to 5000 CZK in Europe, up to 10 000 CZK everywhere else.

  • Travel costs to the closest clinic and back, alternatively transport to the Czech Republic.

  • Repatriation to the Czech Republic or a funeral (cremation) abroad.

  • Calling of a family member.