Block of flats insurance

Block of flats insurance

Are you taking care of a block of flats?

Special insurance for owner associations, owners, collectives and municipalities

We will gladly take on some of the burden - especially if it's connected with property damage, malfunctions, accidents, vandalism or even your liability.


We will insure the building and technology blackouts

Block of flats insurance covers boiler rooms, elevators, pumps, recuperation, access and camera systems and other commonly used technologies. You can even insure nearby buildings!


We protect tenants and owners

In case of an accident, we will help you to cover expenses for substitute accommodation. Liability insurance protects the owner (or owner association board or collective board members).

The price includes 


  • Damage or destruction of the house by:

    • fire

    • explosion

    • lightning strike

    • plane crash, including damage caused by its parts or cargo

    • atmospheric occurrences (cases excluding another insurance risk)

  • Insurance of all the glass in the block of flats

  • Coverage of expenses for substitute accommodation

  • ČSOB Insurance Company assistance service

    • We will be happy to help you at +420 222 803 442

    • Help is available 24/7

    • In case of an accident, we will promptly dispatch technical assistance

Money saving supplementary insurance 


  • Other natural elements (gale, hail, landslide, rockslide, avalanche, fallen trees, poles and other items, heavy snow, glazing ice and others)

  • Damage caused by water mains or floods

  • Intentional damage or destruction (vandalism)

  • Liability insurance (including the liability of collective board members or owner association board)

  • Special technology insurance:

    • fire extinguisher and equipment in cases of theft or vandalism

    • electric engines, antennae, house or entrance and camera systems in cases of short circuit or overvoltage

    • elevators, boiler room technology, thermal pumps or recuperation in case of a technical malfunction