Business liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Do you need insurance for your job?


For employees, it is often compulsory to have liability insurance. For their employers, it is usually a necessity. If you cause your employer damages, they can sort everything out with us.


It's not only a broken laptop...

It may seem strange but a big damage can be caused during virtually any job - a car accident, a damaged machinery or a building on fire can cost millions, just like bodily harm settlements.


Just the right professional liability insurance

Our professional liability insurance can be set up according to the risks that are relevant to your position - choose according to coverage limits (including high limits) or your out of pocket costs. Don't pay without having to.


Why is getting a professional liability insurance smart?


  • It costs a few dozen crowns every month but it covers all the usual risks in your job.

  • When there is no bodily harm or property damage, the insurance covers also financial loss.

  • You can get a policy whether you are working part-time job or as a soldier, a cop or a fireman.

Which options do we offer? 


  • Without a vehicle insurance: this option includes damages caused to your employer by violating work code, except for damages excluded in insurance terms. This option does not include damages on or caused by the company owned vehicles. 

  • With a vehicle insurance: this option covers the same items as the one without vehicle insurance. It does include damages on or caused by driving the company owned vehicles. However, it doesn't cover professional drivers who spend most of their time driving. In addition, it does not cover damages caused by drivers of forklifts or lift trucks of any kind. These drivers need the insurance option for professional drivers.

  • Professional drivers: this option covers the same items as the option without a vehicle insurance. However, it does include damages caused by driving the company owned vehicles that are excluded from the previous version.

What does the liability insurance cover? 


Property damage

Typical situation: company notebook falls on the ground when you are getting out of a car.


Bodily harm

Typical situation: you incorrectly mark a work hazard and somebody gets hurt.


Financial loss

Typical situation: you enter an incorrect amount of goods into a database, causing an accounting error.


Car accident

Typical situation: you do not give the right of way and damage a company car.

Why get insured? 


  • You can set the coverage limits according to your needs.

  • Insurance is valid for contract and short-term work.

  • Damage can happen anywhere in the world.

  • You can get 10% off if you buy the policy online!