Household insurance

Household insurance

Not thinking about accidents at home?


You probably have everything valuable all together in your home. And all it takes is to forget keys in the lock, leave the stove on or not checking the water... and you can lose it all in a few minutes.


You deserve to rest at home!

It's not like you don't have enough problems at work and everywhere else. Why stress about fires, short circuits, burglaries or being flooded out by neighbours every time you leave your home?


Live your life - and leave to worries to us

Everything can be solved by a good home insurance. You can be sure that even in the most unlikely cases, you will get your money back. In likely cases, it's set in stone.


Why get insured with ČSOB Insurance Company?


  • Homes and household insurance policies are now 10% cheaper over the internet.

  • Every year a 5% bonus if no accidents happen - you can save up to 18%.

  • We will insure your bike or your pram even outside your home. 

  • We will insure your property in the luggage compartment of your car. 

  • We will offer an extended warranty on appliances, even if you break them. 

  • We will get you a locksmith, a repairman, an insect or rodent specialist or sewerage cleaner. 

The price includes


  • Common accidents (fire, smoke, explosion, vehicle collision, short circuit, overvoltage, broken glass)

  • Natural elements (lightning strike, gale, earthquake, fallen trees or poles, landslide or rockslide)

  • Winter (avalanche, heavy snow, glazed ice)

  • Water from sewerage and water mains

  • Other damages (plane crash, supersonic boom)

Money saving supplementary insurance 


  • Supplementary liability insurance

    • for ordinary civil life damages and related to real estate ownership

    • includes all members of the family and pets

    • is valid Europe-wide

  • Premium assistance:
    • full legal protection and consultancy regarding property insurance

    • personal assistance when unable to work (shopping, care services etc.)

    • booking services (tickets, entry tickets, accommodation, replacement car)

Assistance services 


  • We are ready 24/7 to help you with anything.

  • In case of an accident, we will promptly dispatch technical assistance..

  • We will unlock shut doors to your house or flat (up to 5 000 CZK price). 

  • In case of an emergency, we will arrange plumbing, heating, electric and chimney-sweeping services, sewerage cleaning and material.