Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance

Stand up for yourself


Life can bring you situations when you need to protect your legal interests.

  • Does the other party in an accident refuse to admit fault?

  • Did the insurance company pay out less than you are entitled to?

  • Construction company doesn't want to fix defects and faults on your new home?

  • Were you the victim in a skiing accident and don't know what to do?

  • Has your warranty claim been refused?

  • A friend owes you money and doesn't want to pay you back?

  • Have you been served with a felony charge?

  • Have you been wrongfully terminated?

  • How much does it cost to go to court?


Transfer your legal needs and costs to us

We will arrange to hire a lawyer and get all the necessary documents, including expert testimonies. If your dispute gets to court, we will pay the court fees and related expenses.


When will legal expenses insurance help you? 


Driver's legal expenses (vehicles up to 3,5 tons)

  • Car accident guilt allegation

  • Dispute for damages that someone has caused you.

  • Record keeping disputes

  • Culprit's insurance company refuses to fill a claim


Family legal expenses insurance

  • Disputes for property damage and bodily harm - skiing accidents, flooding of your apartment etc.

  • Criminal, felony charges

  • Warranty claim disputes

  • Loan contract disputes

  • Inheritance disputes

  • Work related disputes

  • Neighbour disputes

  • Apartment lease disputes

Coverage limits


  • 150 000 CZK

  • 500 000 CZK


What will we pay for


  • Lawyer's or other expert's fees

  • Court fees and related administrative fees

  • Expert testimonies and essential exhibits

  • All other necessary expenses

Assistance services 


  • Legal advice including negotiating with your counterparty 

  • Legal supervision of your contacts (Legal protection of family)