Common civil life insurance

Liability insurance for ordinary civil life

Can it break? It will!


To be 100% sure that you will not cause any harm, you should probably stay at home. And even then, you could flood out your neighbours by accident.

The new civil code says: You are liable for harm caused!

According to the new civil code, you are responsible not only for yourself and the consequences of your action, but also for your property (mainly a house or a flat) and, of course, for your children and your animals. That's too much for one person to handle, right?


You can be stressed all the time, or you can buy an insurance

With liability insurance, you can be sure that if something happens, the bill does not go to you but to our insurance company. We will take care of it, so that you can take care of everything else.


How will liability insurance help you?


  • You need only one for the whole family - it is valid for your partner, children and your dog.

  • It covers all liabilities according to the new civil code, including liability from ownership or rent of a building or liability in ordinary civil life.

  • It's a smart choice - you can get a 10% discount over the internet!

What does the liability insurance cover?


  • Ordinary civil life
    • Typical situation: your child accidentally knocks over an expensive TV in a store.

  • Ownership or rent of a building

    • Typical situation: snow drifts down from your roof and damages a parked car.

  • Animals

    • Typical situation: your dog gets scared of a noise and accidentally bites another person.

  • Sport activities
    • Typical situation: you bump into someone on a slide in an aqua park or you cause an accident while riding a bike.

Why get insured? 


  • The insurance is valid in the whole Europe in case of a temporary residence.

  • The coverage limit is double for multiple insurance claims during a year.

  • You can get 10% off if you buy the policy online!