Life insurance BEZ OBAV

Life insurance BEZ OBAV

How do you protect your life's dreams?


Surely you have an idea on how your life should look in the future - especially if you're planning to have a family. You should plan for emergencies so that you don't have to change your dreams.


Sometimes, it's not enough to just say "break a leg"

You can count on being lucky but luck is hardly reliable. Especially as the provider for your family, you need to be certain that in case of sickness, serious injury or death, your loved ones will have enough money to live their lives.


We will step in when you need us

Life insurance can replace your regular income, even long term. And what's more, you're not spending money - you can invest them and create a financial reserve for the future of you and your family.


Why get insured with ČSOB Insurance Company? 


  • Fully separated risk and investment segments - you decide where your money goes.

  • One policy to insure yourself and your family - save time, money and effort.

  • Choose the length of coverage for individual risks.

  • In case you forget to pay your premiums, no matter - we will deduct the amount from the savings segment.

  • Unlimited internet access to manage your insurance policy details.

What is covered under Life insurance? 


Long-term loss of income

  • Serious illnesses

  • Disability

  • Permanent injury

  • Premiums waived


Short-term loss of income

  • Losing the ability to work

  • Injury treatment

  • Hospital admission


Children's injuries and treatment

  • Serious illnesses

  • Injury treatment

  • Permanent injury

  • Hospital admission


A satisfactory retirement

  • Security through investment options

  • Irregular investments via extra insurance payment



  • Death insurance

  • Accidental injury and death insurance