Life insurance for children FORTÍK

Life insurance FORTÍK

Can you always help your children?


It's hard to accept that even your children can become seriously ill or injured. Life insurance pay-out will help you get the best possible care for them and help them get back on their feet as soon as possible.


You are responsible for your children's start in life

Your children will surely appreciate your efforts even at 18 - the investment portion of the insurance helps the money to grow. Your children will thus have enough savings for a successful start of their lives.


We protect children from birth to adulthood

Life insurance FORTÍK can be changed during the whole duration of the policy. It grows alongside your children - whether you just want them to have "a little money" to start with or you are planning a high yield investment.


Why get insured with ČSOB Insurance Company? 


  • If something happens to an adult insured within the same policy, further policy premiums are waived.

  • Unlimited internet access to manage your insurance policy details.

  • We will reward you for every 5 years - and give you back 10% of risk premiums.

What is covered under Life insurance FORTÍK? 


Serious injuries and treatments


  • Serious illnesses

  • Disabled children care

  • Permanent injury

  • Hospital admission following an injury or sickness


Smaller injuries and treatments


  • Daily compensation - injury

  • Selected injuries include pain and suffering compensation

  • Hospital admission following an injury or sickness


Investment portion


  • Transparent investment without fees

  • Loyalty bonus


Simple adult insurance benefiting the children


  • Death insurance with a repeated pay-out (further policy premiums waived)

  • Death insurance and permanent disability of 3rd grade with a repeated pay-out (further policy premiums waived)