Travel insurance for families

Travel insurance for families with children

A family vacation - worries or fun?


Planning a vacation with children? Children are the most vulnerable in different environments (food, water or climate risks). Children love to run around the pool on a slippery floor and are quick to find themselves next to a broken hotel equipment. It is, therefore, good to be prepared.


Do you truly want to relax during your vacation?

Concerns about whether your home is not being robbed, you can ruin even the most fun in the hotel pool. With our short-term household insurance to travel insurance, do not worry.


Don't restrict your kids, just stay safe

You cannot keep a 24/7 watch over your family during a vacation. It is much easier to buy an insurance that will help you solve any problems. If you are going to spend a week on the beach, you can insure your whole family from 309 CZK!

Why buy our insurance?


  • Up to 15 million CZK coverage will solve even the most precarious problems.

  • We will take care of your medical treatment and injuries as well as lost suitcases or damage liability.

  • We will automatically extend your insurance if you become stranded abroad.

  • Optional insurance coverage includes cancelation fees, home burglary or car insurance against accidents or breakdowns.


The price includes


  • Doctor's treatment, hospital admission, medicine prescribed by the doctor.

  • Acute toothache - up to 5000 CZK in Europe, up to 10 000 CZK everywhere else.

  • Travel costs to the closest clinic and back, alternatively a transport to the Czech Republic.

  • Repatriation to the Czech Republic or a funeral (cremation) abroad.

  • Calling of a family member.

Money saving supplementary insurance


  • Cancelation fees for the tour or air fare in case you fall sick and need to cancel last minute.

  • A short-term home insurance against burglars during your vacation abroad. 

  • Car assistance on travels in case of an accident or a breakdown, e.g. car repairs, car tow to the nearest repair shop etc. 

  • Adrenalin sports (from diving to mountaineering).

  • Extended assistance service for unexpected situations.