Casco insurance

How much do you really value your car?


You have invested a lot of money into your car - then why should you also pay for damages in case of an accident? And what if you find your car damaged in the morning? Or discover that it is missing all together?


From a broken rear-view up to a wreck

You risk damaging your car every day - during accidents where you are (co)responsible, on parking lots with anonymous culprits, and even in garages when flooding happens.


No money saved for a new car? It pays off to insure the old!

For older cars, a basic insurance with a great price is enough. But for newer cars, you should choose all-risk insurance. In any case, it will save you considerable amount of money when going to a repair shop - including brand garages!


What extras do you get with a Casco insurance?


  • An unusually high 5% bonus for every year without an accident

  • We will transfer the whole bonus from your car insurance, so your collision coverage gets even cheaper

  • Full guarantee of Europe-wide validity - go on a holiday with a peace of mind


Why get insured? 


  • We will transfer your car insurance bonus.

  • An unusually high 5% bonus for every year without an accident.

  • And a 20% discount on top of that if you get your policy online.

The price includes 


  • Guarantee of Europe-wide validity.

  • All-risk insurance against extreme risks (DOMINANT).

  • Broad spectrum of assistance services available 24/7.

Money saving supplementary insurance 


  • Car windows supplementary insurance

  • Theft protection

  • Temporary replacement car costs

  • Passenger injury coverage

  • Cargo and luggage insurance