Complex vehicle insturance

Complex vehicle insurance

Can't afford to be without a car?


 Whenever you cause a car accident, there are two large troubles - taking care of damages caused to the other cars, and thinking about how to pay for repairing your car and how are you going to live your daily life without it?


Not every insurance is the same

That's why you should think about your car and collision insurance provider. The cheapest ones usually cover only part of the damages, they have high out-of-pocket payments and do not provide even basic services (e.g. temporary replacement car).


Ask for something extra for your money

Thanks to a broad range of benefits, you can be sure that we are ready 24/7 to help you with your accident and all the paperwork that usually follows after. That's what your insurance should do!


How will a quality car insurance take care of you?


  • A quick settlement of insurance claims from both car and collision insurance

  • Accidents not caused by you will be completely taken care of by us - including a temporary replacement car for free

  • Assistance services available 24/7 - even for cases of theft or a breakdown

The price includes 


  • Guarantee of Europe-wide validity.

  • All-risk insurance against extreme risks (DOMINANT).

  • Broad spectrum of assistance services available 24/7.

Money saving supplementary insurance 


  • Car windows supplementary insurance

  • Theft protection

  • Temporary replacement car costs

  • Passenger injury coverage

  • Cargo and luggage insurance

Why get insured? 


  • We will transfer your car insurance bonus.

  • An unusually high 5% bonus for every year without an accident.

  • And a 20% discount on top of that if you get your policy online.